Daviess Community Hospital

I think it’s real important we talk with folks in the community. Reach out to our employers. Reach out to different agencies to see what’s important again to our employers, to our agencies, to the people that we work with in our community. Make sure that were meeting their needs. We may think sometimes in healthcare that were meeting all of the needs of the community, but until we reach out and really ask those questions, those key questions, we really don’t know. You know, a lot of emphasis being placed on the overall patient experience, and again looking at our processes and how we deliver care from the patients and families perspective. And always measuring up to that, or always exceeding those expectations I’ve always felt is critical, we’ve always feel is very critical. So we really do in terms of our processes and things that we put in place, changes that we make do it from the patient’s perspective, the family’s perspective. How do we impact that individual’s life each and every day and each and every patient. So again, a lot of our decision making goes to the fact of how it affects our patients. And see it from their point of view.

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