Picnic and Pull at Dobbs Park


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Honeysuckle may be pretty to look at, but don’t let the looks and enticing smell fool you.

They are actually bad for natural parks.

That’s why Vigo County students gathered at Dobbs Park in Terre Haute Saturday.

It’s part of the Picnic and Pull event.

Middle and high school students coming out to pull honeysuckle, learning the fundamentals of teamwork all while helping out the environment.

Dobbs park officials say honeysuckle stunts the growth of other surrounding plants, even trees.

“It really just creates low diversity in the forest, doesn’t allow other plants to grow near it very well it shades them out, there’s a chemical in the roots that kind of stunts the growth of everything, and pretty soon that’s all you have in the forest is honeysuckle. It also prohibits the growth of trees too,” said Carissa Lovett, Dobbs Park Nature Center.

If you have honeysuckle in your yard, Lovett suggests replacing it with something native.

Native species are a lot better for the environment and animals.

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