Three-war veteran finally receives military tribute

Paris IL Veteran

PARIS, Illinois (WTHI) – While many of us are remembering a lost loved one to war, most of us who aren’t still want to honor those who’ve fought and served to keep our country free.

The Wabash Valley gathered to honor a veteran this weekend in Paris, Illinois who’s served in three such conflicts.

“Today, we’re honoring a veteran of three wars, Otis J. Neal,” said Jim Englum, Edgar Cemetery Association.

“Jack Asher, an acquaintance of Neal said this man has served in three wars,” said Englum. “Nobody knows this, his military marker doesn’t tell it. He needs a proper memorial.”

“He just was inspired that this man has served three wars and nothing was in his grave about it,” said Englum. “Two years after that, Jack died, and two years after that, the cemetery decided we should finish his request, and that brings us to today.”

“People don’t forget, they remember. And this is Memorial Day and it’s about remembering those who served, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and what the dedication would mean, not only to those who are older, as myself, and remembering world war two, but those who don’t, and what it might mean to them,” said Englum.

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