It’s actually been a dry start to our spring

TERRE HAUTE, IND. (WTHI) – When it rains it pour; have you heard that expression? Well that hasn’t completely been the case so far this year and we’ve fallen a few rain showers behind in precipitation.

Now the ground is dry and the garden you finally felt comfortable planting is drowning in dry sunshine searching for a sprinkler.

But it hasn’t felt like we are behind with flood warnings on the rivers, the localized rain showers have caused some concerns with even delaying farmers from planting, but check out these numbers.

Since January we’ve accumulated 15.96″ of precipitation from snow and rain, doesn’t seem too bad. However, for this month alone we’ve collected 2.76″ of precipitation. Now we average about 5.42″ which has left us -2.30″ under our 30 year average. So we need a good soaking to catch up.

Our rain has come in spurts and has been very isolated. This week will be no different as scattered showers and thunderstorms are all we have to try to get our precipitation total back to average.

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