Kennedy Foot Care

Normally in the summertime people start coming in, especially woman complaining they can’t wear their sandals, they want to wear open toed shoes, but they say that their toenails look too funny, too ugly, and they’re ashamed of how they look. And so they come in to see us. Normally it’s a fungus in their toenail making it discolored or think. So there are several different options that we can try to do to help that. Bunions a lot of times they cant wear sandals because the bunions restrict them also hammer toes. They normally like the sandals because of the hammer toes. Because a normal shoe will restrict or rub on their hammer toes. But theirs certain bunion procedures that we can do to fix that. Top straighten out their toe in order to allow them to wear the sandals, the shoe they want to. We also can correct the hammer toes so they won’t be so embarrassed with their crooked toes. They can call our office number, its (812)232-3338 and we accept most insurance and Medicare.

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