Do you know how to handle an unexpected intruder?

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – An unexpected visitor, invading your home while you and your family are there.

It’s something you don’t expect to ever happen to you. But unfortunately, it happens more often than you might think.

And it’s a pretty scary thought.

“You’ll be shocked initially, cause you’re there by yourself until you were made aware they were there, by a noise or whatever, that is going to be frightening,” said Chief John Plasse, Terre Haute Police Department.

It’s easy to say go to a safe place and call police.

But panic can set in, making you unsure what to do.

Thankfully though, it is something you can prepare for.

“The best thing is to try to call for help, go somewhere safe, don’t draw attention to yourself,” said Chief Plasse.

And while you do have a right to defend yourself in your own home, those of you feeling a little bit braver, keep this in mind.

“It’s not worth getting hurt over. That’s what insurance is for. The person could be armed, strung out. I wouldn’t recommend confronting them if you don’t have to,” said Chief Plasse. “You don’t really know what they’ve got or what they’re capable of doing. I would recommend not finding out. Let us do that.”

But you’re not completely helpless. You could help police catch this invader by simply being observant.

“Get a good description. Give dispatch as much information as you can so we know what we’re looking for when we get there,” said Chief Plasse.

This is precisely one of the reasons dispatchers across the state have incorporated the text to 911.

This is a situation where you could utilize this new technology to make you feel safer.

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