IDEM: Meth lab cleanup can cause health problems

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Never try to clean up a meth lab on your own. It can be detrimental to your health, according to IDEM.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management said it can cause health risks to clean up a meth lab or use paint to cover meth residue. Meth residue is usually undetectable to the human eye, which makes it impossible to determine the level of exposure without a test.

Law requires the area where a meth lab was present to be professionally tested by a qualified inspector. The inspector can determine the amount of meth contamination that is present.

IDEM said entering a property without first assessing the levels of contamination can seriously jeopardize your health. Officials added that entering may also interfere with the validity of the testing and could complicate cleanup.

After results are received, the cleanup plan can be determined based on the level of contamination. That level, officials said, determines the complexity and cost of the cleanup. In addition, cleanup must occur under the supervision of a certified meth lab cleanup inspector.

IDEM said a final test is required to verify that levels are safe and the structure, vehicle or watercraft, can be reoccupied.

To find out more detailed information on inspection and cleanup of illegal drug labs, visit IDEM’s website.

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