Russell to petition Indiana Supreme Court

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – News 10 has an update on the Larry Russell case.

Larry and his wife Nikki both pleaded guilty to abusing their three adopted children.  Local police call this case one of the worst cases of child abuse they’ve ever seen.

You’ll recall last week News 10 told you that Larry Russell’s plea deal with Vigo County Prosecutors was voided by the Indiana Court of Appeals.  The prosecutor’s office felt that Indiana law limited Russell’s prison sentence to 10 years, which is what a Vigo County judge gave him.

Russell’s appeal backfired, as the court of appeals voided the deal saying the cap was unlawful. That could mean Russell would serve even ‘more’ prison time.

The Russells admitted to abusing their three adopted children, which includes keeping them from food, trips to the bathroom, and keeping them in a boarded up room.

News 10 spoke with Cara Wieneke, who is Russell’s post-conviction attorney.

She said she has until July 7th to file what’s called a “petition to transfer” the case to the Indiana Supreme Court.  If the petition is accepted, the court could call for oral arguments in the case, or it could simply hand down its opinion.  Also, accepting the petition means the appeals court opinion is voided.

Of course, if the petition is denied, the appeals court’s ruling stands.  We won’t find out until at least August if the Supreme Court will take the case.

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