Busy week for Miss Indiana contestants

WABASH VALLEY, Ind. (WTHI) – It’s a busy, busy week for Miss Indiana and Miss Indiana’s Outstanding Teen contestants! They’re calling Zionsville their home this week.

Since Sunday they’ve been together attending several events and celebrating these two titles and preparing for the big final competition which will be held on Saturday!

There are two ways to watch Saturday’s finals.

One – you can go in person and tickets are available at there website. And two, you can watch from home for $10 with a web cast.

And once again this year, you at home watching us can serve as the 6th judge.

For $1 you can vote online for your favorite contestant and come Saturday your votes could help a young lady reach semi-finals status.

Preliminary competition for Miss Indiana starts Wednesday.

Just visit their website for information on ticket sales, web cast information and how you can become the 6th judge!

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