New treatment to help patients with overactive bladder

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Statistics show about 33 million people suffer from overactive bladder. It is an uncomfortable situation, but a new treatment, called Urgent PC, could eliminate that issue.

For Donna Sorrels, it has been a problem she has dealt with for years at a time.

Though Urgent PC is fairly new to the area, it’s already showing promising results.

“My symptoms are so much better since I’ve had it,” Sorrels says, “I would highly recommend it to anyone”.

The treatment is very simple, no surgery or drugs are needed. A very thin needle is placed near the patient’s ankle and is attached to a stimulator. The stimulator sends out electrical impulses throughout the nerves of the legs and spine, which control pelvic floor functions.

The treatment itself is done through 12 weekly sessions.

Sorrels is on her 5th session, but doctors are excited to see what lasting effects it will have on patients like her.

“We’re excited,” says Melissa Thomas, NP-C, “Especially with this treatment being the first in the area, we are able to provide this service to the patients and help get their quality of life back”.

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