What are Box Elder bugs?

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Have you seen these red bugs around lately?

They’re called Box Elder bugs and residents of Terre Haute have been seeing them all over.

They usually inhabit Maple or Ash trees and can unfortunately be found in the thousands. But experts say they don’t pose any real threat.

“When you have a maple tree or someplace where there’s a lot of them, they’ll be thousands of them,” explained Ryan Cummins, Apple House. “They’ll be on your plants and things like that but they actually don’t cause any harm to the plants they’re just, well like most bugs, they’re just looking for love.”

If you’re trying to get rid of these bugs, Cummins said ‘Ortho’ brand insect control is what you want for indoors.

He recommends Eight brand insect killer for outdoors.

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