Staying up to date on lightning safety

TERRE HAUTE, IND. (WTHI) – It can happen at a soccer game, just relaxing and fishing, or hitting the pool in the summer. We are talking about lightning, and lightning is hotter than this burning gas that heats us up, in fact it can be up to 5 times hotter than the sun.

Over 60 percent of lightning victims are outdoors when that dangerous storm passes through including those caught outside during a sports related activity

Lightning claims more lives per a year for the exception of flooding and tornadoes. Lightning claims on average over 50 deaths a year, 500 plus lightning related injuries a year and we can do our best to prevent all of that.

Here are the ways to stay safe:

Plan ahead; postpone outdoor activities if storms are forecast

No place outside is safe when storms are present, so seek enclosed shelter

Avoid trees, bodies of water, dugouts, and open hideouts

And one thing to remember, although lightning’s partner in crime is more bark than bite, when you hear thunder remember this catchy phrase from the National Weather Service “when it roars, head indoors”

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