Teachers heading back to the classroom

VERMILLION COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Local educators put their learning hats back on Wednesday.

The South Vermillion School Corporation held An “E Learning Conference”.

Teachers learned how they could incorporate digital tools in their everyday lesson plans.

The many tools they talked about today include Windows and Mac technology as well as several different apps.

This was all made possible by a grant from the Indiana Department of Education.

Officials say this will be very helpful to students in the long run.

“The big part is students today are digital natives. They do everything with technology you can see them in the grocery stores in restaurants they’re constantly on it. And so we’re building relevancy with using technology in the classroom. They gather interest. And they really want to be a part of it when you relate to them,” South Vermillion Learning Specialist Maria Sellers said.

South Vermillion was one of 19 schools selected for the Indiana Department of Education Grant.

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