State GOP lawmaker discusses same-sex marriage

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – So far, the Vigo County Clerk’s Office has issued 12 marriage licenses to same sex couple since the ban was overruled.

Last legislative session, Republicans failed to move a resolution through the house that would have put the same-sex marriage issue on Hoosier ballots this year.

One side states Judge Richard Young’s decision was long over due, others call it a wrong move for Indiana.  But both sides can agree that the decision to call Indiana’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional was surprising.

Count state representative Alan Morrison is among those surprised.

“I didn’t know how far the case had progressed in the courts up to that point,” Morrison said.

While same-sex marriage is a hot topic in Vigo County and Indiana right now, Morrison says don’t expect it to be one in the 2015 legislative session.  In fact, he says Republicans are more concerned about jobs, infrastructure, and improving education than they are gay marriage.

Morrison states he’s interested to see if Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s request for a stay is granted.  But, he says his concern stemming from this judicial decision is a “big picture concern.”

“We have legislatures in this country, bi-partisan legislatures, that have passed laws that now the federal government is coming in and usurping their power, and it’s setting a precedence that is extremely dangerous for our country,” Morrison said.

The question Morrison raises is, has one appointed federal judge taken away the will of the Indiana people?

“Today, there’s a group of people that is happy with the decision of that federal court.  Ten years from now, when a federal court comes in and reverses another decision that they’re not happy with, I doubt that they’ll be applauding the fact that the federal court can come in and do that to a state,” said Morrison.

Right now, only two Indiana counties in our viewing area are not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples: Clay and Daviess.

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