Same-sex marriage supporters say stay is “devastating blow”

File photo. (MGN)
File photo. (MGN)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Hoosiers Unite for Marriage call the stay issued by the 7th Circuit Court a ‘devastating blow,’ but they and those who were married this week say the move has only motivated them more to keep fighting for equality.

“This is just part of the process.The emergency stay will be heard and we’ll keep pushing forward and we’ll eventually win, I have no doubt about that,” Chris Paulsen, president of the board of directors for Indiana Equality Action.

Paulsen also tied the knot this week, but now that a stay has been granted, same-sex couples are waiting to see what this means for the future.

“We’ll learn more in the next 12 to 24 hours” Paulsen said.

The stay is a step Kyle Megrath with Hoosiers Unite for Marriage hoped Indiana would avoid.

“This is something that we knew could happen, we just wish that it didn’t because marriage feels awfully good,” Megrath said.

Still Megrath and Paulsen feel they took a huge step forward in the fight for equality this week and the stay is only a small delay.

“I’m very confident that people will keep fighting as long as they have to until it’s here. I feel very confident,” Megrath said.

“Every case that has come before a circuit court lately has been decided on the side of equality and I think that’s a trend we’ll continue to see,” Paulsen said.

The biggest impact, they say, is on the couples planning to get married in Marion County on Saturday, who now will no longer be able to.

“We tried to let everybody know that they needed to get in within the short window we expected. Those who couldn’t make it, I do feel sorry for them, but we will have marriage equality in Indiana again,” Paulsen said.

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