Knox County Deputies arrest man following vehicle chase

KNOX COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – The Knox County Sheriff’s Department arrested a man Sunday following a chase that started in the county and ended in Vincennes.

Knox County Deputy Aaron Morris attempted to assist a driver alongside the road and after noticing an alcoholic beverage in the driver’s vehicle, police say, the driver took off.

Deputy Morris followed the vehicle, which reached speeds up to 90 miles per hour, Sheriff Mike Morris told News 10. Deputies identified the driver as Edward Gaines, 48, of Vincennes.

Sheriff Morris stated he called off the pursuit when he heard it was traveling towards the Vincennes metro. Morris explained this was a best case scenario because as soon as deputies did this, the driver immediately slowed down. Deputies continued following Gaines, but turned off their lights and sirens.

Police say Gaines continued driving to his home, where he was arrested by deputies.

Edward Gaines faces preliminary charges including: D felony operating while intoxicated, criminal recklessness, and operating with a blood alcohol content of .10% with a previous conviction.

As of Tuesday morning, Gaines was in the custody of the Knox County jail.






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