Study: Ordinance Greatly Reduced Indoor Air Pollution

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A recent study inside of Vigo County’s bars and restaurants shows significant improvement in the quality of air for customers and workers.

Two University of Southern Indiana professors conducted the story using state of the art air quality devices.

It studied the air quality of 9 bars and restaurants before and after the county passed the Clean Indoor Air Ordinance.

Its findings were significant.

The study found levels of fine particles from smoking dropped by 85%.

“Now fortunately, all of those people who work in those venues and the customers who patronize those venues are obviously benefiting from that clean indoor air,” said Libby Ray of Vigo County Tobacco Cessation.

Those who support the Clean Indoor Air Ordinance say this study shows that clean air laws work to protect people from the negative effects of secondhand smoke.

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