A healthy dose of rain has been treating the valley nicely

TERRE HAUTE, IND. (WTHI) – Well knock on wood, no drought, no extreme flooding, we have had nothing but timely rain and steady showers this summer season.

In return the lawns are looking fresh, gardens are flourishing and water bills are lower.

Does it feel too good to be true? Well maybe a little as we look at our current precipitation numbers for the season we are comfortably above our 30 year mean.

Since January we have collected 26.52″ inches of precipitable water. As you can tell, that has left us 2.15″ above our average which has been extremely timely for the summer.

With our unsettled weather we’ve had some good soakings, but our average for July is currently pulling us daily back towards the dry side with not even a tenth of an inch of rain yet in Terre Haute.

Rain chances tonight and through Tuesday will help keep us on pace for the bountiful rain season keeping our yards all looking healthy.

Our meteorological summer rainfall average comes to just about 12 inches and so far we’ve collected just over 8 inches.

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