Attempted rape trial underway

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The trial of a Terre Haute man got underway Monday afternoon.  24 year old Rakim Marquis Hughes faces 5 felonies, including attempted rape.

This case is going to boil down to whom will the jury believe, the alleged victim, or Hughes, the defendant?  Hughes faces charges of attempted rape, criminal deviate conduct, intimidation, criminal confinement and strangulation.  He’s also charged as a repeat sex offender.

The allegations he faces are serious.

The victim claims she went to the Days Inn to see a friend, and that’s when she came into contact with Hughes.  After her friend left, she says Hughes made advances towards her that she refused.  She eventually left, and Hughes followed her to her car.  The victim claims Hughes forced her to perform a sex act in the car at knifepoint, all with her infant child in the back seat.  It was when Hughes forced her back to the room that a manager saw them and later called police.

The defense painted a much different picture.  Attorney Paul Jungers called the state’s case had a lot of “evidence of inconsistencies” from the victim.  Jungers says he’ll also point to a lack of physical evidence by the state, no knife, no rape kit, no DNA, no fingerprints… only the victim’s statement.

Again, who will the jury believe?  News 10 will follow this trial and let you know its outcome when it happens.

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