Vigo County stand-off ends with man in custody

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Off in the distance it looked like a normal parked SUV.

But the Police cars and officers were blocking the driver’s way out.

“Basically he got out of the car screaming something about wanting to see his kid and then it was a stand off from there,” Neighbor Christian Tate said.

From Tate’s yard he saw the entire drama unfold.

“Basically I came out to get the kids for dinner and he turned in at the end of the road down there doing about 100 miles an hour. Came flying down the road turned around and was gonna come back up,” Tate added

Police say at that point the male inside the vehicle had raced to the neighborhood to see his son, after the child’s mother said he couldn’t see the boy anymore.

“He quickly accelerated, ran over some mail boxes and indications were he had a gun. In fact he had 3 weapons. An AK-47 and two handguns which he was waving around,” Sheriff Greg Ewing said.

Various police forces swarmed to the neighborhood and blocked off the street, while the instigator inside the vehicle made demands to co-operate.

He wanted to speak with a Terre Haute police officer who had been assigned to his high school.

“Officer Hopper made contact with him and was able to talk to him after a long period of negotiating. Got him to come out with his hands up and surrender,” Ewing added, “At first I was excited and then you pray for the kid that it comes out to a nice resolution.”

A frightening two hours that held an entire neighborhood hostage.

Sheriff Ewing says the male will be charged with criminal wrecklessness with a handgun and pointing a firearm.

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