Right-to-work law struck down

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office is asking for an immediate stay after a judge struck down the right-to-work statue in a ruling made on July 17 that has just come to light on Wednesday.

Lake County Circuit Court Special Judge George Paras ruled in the lawsuit United Steel v. Zoeller and found unconstitutional the right-to-work law, which prohibits charging union dues to workers who are not members of the union at that employer.

Judge Paras did not stay his ruling and ordered that it take effect immediately upon its entry into the chronological case summary.

Zoeller’s office seeks an immediate stay of the ruling so the statute can remain in effect and the status quo can remain in place while the ruling is appealed.

“Strong opinions exist on both sides about involuntary union dues, but the Attorney General’s Office has a duty to defend the laws the Legislature passes from legal challenges plaintiffs file. If a trial court finds a law unconstitutional, then the appropriate action is to stay its ruling pending the appeal,” Zoeller said.

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