U.S. Highway 41’s dangerous route, The Lyford “Y” and beyond: a common place for accidents

Parke County, Ind. (WTHI)- Winding roads…hills..and sharp turns.

The intersection known as the Lyford “Y” and the highway surrounding it has a strong potential for accidents.

Today’s crash happened just down the road from this dangerous intersection.

The people around here tell us that unfortunately…it’s a common sight.

“We had a person coming from Rockville and he went off this curve behind me into this ditch down here and traveled down the ditch about two football field lengths last summer. Then the semi that overturned over here last summer…that was pretty bad,” says Lisa Gartzke.

Lisa and her husband own a farmers market right next to the “infamous Y.”

They, as well as others living and working along this section of U.S. highway 41, all had specific accidents they could recall first-hand.

“Sometimes I sit here and watch the traffic go by. I think if people slow down a little bit and paid attention to what’s going on the road ahead of them they could avoid accidents,” Gartzke said.

Accidents that could happen easily in this dangerous area and prove to be deadly…

*The driver of the pick up truck is preliminary cited for driving left of center.   the investigation is ongoing.

News 10 will continue to bring you any updates.

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