Life on a human body – Part 2

Terre Haute, Ind. (WTHI) – There’s a lot of bacteria “in” and “on” your body that you would never expect to coexist with you. From your hands to your ears, bacteria grow everywhere.

There are so many bacteria on your body that it trumps the amount of people on earth. In fact, “it is more than that. There is more life on your body than 100 galaxies of stars,” explained Peter Coppinger, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology at Rose-Hulman.

Experts say, “we are loaded with [bacteria], all of us, and it sounds like it might be scary but it is completely natural,” said Coppinger.

Not only is it normal for you to be covered in bacteria all over your body but some of it is also helpful

“A lot of the bacteria that lives on your skin and live in your hair, they do no harm to you at all. Some of those bacteria are good for you, it helps you create vitamins.”

Sometimes not so much, “of course there are some bacteria, like ones that live in your mouth that can cause cavities,” explained Coppinger.

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