Vincennes Salvation Army lacks food donations; three week supply remains

VINCENNES, Ind. (WTHI) – A shortage of donations at the Salvation Army in Vincennes is driving the agency to push for help from its community. Agency staffers told News 10 Wednesday the Salvation Army only has about a three week supply of food to give to needy families. Those supplies, staffers say, aren’t enough to make a meal.

Newly installed Lieutenant Curtis Lunnam stated generous donations from Knox County farmers have helped keep the agency from depleting its already emaciated food supply, but cuts at its regional food supplier forced the agency into a shortage situation. Despite donations from food retailers like JayC’s, staffers say, food levels are dangerously low.

“Now we’re at a critical level,” said Lunnam.

The food pantry typically provides a box of goods, per family, per month. Lunnam explained that up to 30 boxes were being handed out per day. He stated the boxes, which normally provide the fixings for a meal, had been dialed back.

“What we have now is not even basically giving them a full meal, I mean all we have is basic emergency stuff.” Lunnam shifted goods around in a food box explaining it had peanut butter, green beans, popcorn, sweet potatoes, and applesauce.

Lunnam noted the agency had spaghetti sauce, but no pasta, and limited meat. It also had peanut butter, and green beans, but lacked other food basics like fruits and other vegetables. Three skids, which normally sit with bulk food products on them, were empty in the middle of the stockroom.

“Any food right now would be helpful to us,” said Lunnam.

Donations can be made at 2300 N. 2nd Street in Vincennes. Hours of operation are 9:00-3:00 Monday through Thursday. Food Pantry hours 1:00-2:30 Monday through Thursday.



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