Start date set for Dugger web based charter school

DUGGER, Ind. (WTHI) – We’ve told you how the community of Dugger is in the process of starting a web based charter school.

On Thursday Don Williams, CEO of Indiana Cyber Charter Schools, stopped the small community to answer questions.

He explained Dugger can expect the start date for the new school on Aug. 25.

“We have the best of all worlds we have the curriculum delivered via tech so students would receive tech package, lap top included, textbook workbooks all materials they need. But it’s done from a brick and mortar setting,” explained Williams. “We also have opportunities for a blended hybrid style delivery, that would encompass live instruction from human being from the front of the room like everyone’s use to but also through a live person through the computer.”

Gregory Ellis with the school corporation assures parents that school will be open and ready for students on Aug. 25.

“There are still things happening in the process and in a perfect world have already been done months ago but due to a compressed time line they are still happening,” he said.

So far more than 289 students have sign-up for the cyber school. That’s close to last year’s regular enrollment. Also, more than 10 local licensed teachers have been hired.

There will be an informational meeting this Sunday starting at 2 p.m. at the Dugger Community Building and parents are welcomed to attend.

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