Members of the 503rd Paratrooper Regimental Combat Team in town

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – This week World War II Veterans and their families took a trip down memory lane right here in Terre Haute.

Members of the 503rd Paratrooper Regimental Combat Team gathered for a reunion.

These veterans served in the Pacific Theatre and were responsible for liberating ‘The Rock’ in the Philippines from the Japanese – a major victory for the United States.

During their time in Terre Haute, they visited the Veteran’s Memorial Museum.

The trip was just one way these Veterans could reflect on their past and catch up with other members of the team.

“It’s like a family reunion; some of us were together until the time we were inducted in the service until the time we got out,” explained Nelson Gatewood, Veteran – 503rd Paratrooper Regimental Combat Team. “We went straight from the induction center to the parachute training, and we just stayed together all the way through.”

The Veterans will be in town visiting local attractions until Aug. 3.

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