Dispatch: ‘Text 911′ a success in Vigo County

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – As of Saturday, AT&T is among the carriers involved in the text 911 service.

It joined Verizon and Sprint carriers who were all mandated by the FCC last may to offer the service to counties in Indiana.

According to Vigo County dispatch the program is a success.

It was created to help those in situations involving an “extreme emergency” or if someone can not use their voices to call 911.

Vigo County Dispatch Director Rob McMullen says it also benefits the hearing or speech impaired.

McMullen stated since July 14th there have been three emergency texts. That doesn’t seem like a big number but McMullen says it does show the program is working.

“It has been a success, you know I’m all for technology. I love new technology stuff like this but the first time, even if it was used just one time, I would call it a success,” McMullen said.

McMullen says those three texts show that people are still calling 911 and that’s what dispatch prefers. But it shows in the case where texting could be better for someone, people know they have the option.

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