Tempers flare at planning meeting

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) Business owners and home owners clashed at a Vigo County Area Planning Commission Meeting. Wednesday night, two business parcels of property were up for review for re-zoning.

Even before the meeting began tempers boiled over as neighbors from two communities spoke out against two different businesses plans to re-zone property.

We’ve told you earlier, Dollar General has designs on moving into a residential community on the north side of Terre Haute.

Also sitting before the commission, the already operating shooting range in Lewis, Indiana, called Range Time. In order to continue to operate commercially they have to change their zoning to fit their purpose.

The owners of Range Time began by explaining their business; with how it benefits law enforcement and promotes safety as well as helping the local economy.

Then neighboring community pleaded their concerns citing the loud noises as well as their fears for their own safety.

In the end, the commission voted to pass an unfavorable recommendation for range time on to the county to decide.

For the owners of the range, the ruling was difficult.

“It’s very important. I mean I’m gonna have a 10 month old or 11 month old son,” Cory Jackson owner of Ranger Time said “We’re going to have to struggle if we don’t have a place to work. Like I said we are involved with the second largest training channel in the world.”

The commission also offered an unfavorable recommendation to the North Clinton Street Dollar General site as well.

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