Jobs in agriculture go beyond the field

Clinton, Ind. (WTHI)- Some may think opportunities in the field of agriculture only include the traditional ways of planting and farming. But, that’s not the case anymore.

The possibilities for a job in the field are growing at a rapid pace. This due to all of the advances in technology.

The Indiana Youth Institute says that to keep up with population growth in the next 40 years, the United States will need to produce more food than in the last ten thousand years combined.

That’s a lot of food.

But to Ed Shew, a farmer in Clinton Indiana, that’s not a problem.

“Today’s farmer makes enough food to supply for himself plus another 155-160 people. So, that is where the U.S. is capable of reaching out to other countries and exporting,” he said.

To him, what we need to focus on is all of the jobs that people may not necessarily think about.

The explosion of opportunities in the ag field is not just for the young man or woman coming off the farm. I mean, it’s for anybody,” Shew said.

Jim Luzar agrees, Agriculture and Natural Resources educator at Purdue Extension, agrees.

“The majority of these careers are geared for folks  that maybe have never thought about a career in agriculture. Like, for example, soil health, soil biology, and environmental science. New fields like aqua culture, aquaponics,” Luzar said.

…“I think you have to look beyond the corn and soy bean fields. You have to think about agriculture on a global context. Just don’t think of driving a tractor. That’s the one thing I tell young people, that agriculture is so much more now,” he said.

Purdue has been placing 95 percent of their students within three months in employment in agriculture or post graduate work.

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