Wabash Valley man creates documentary

WTHI Photo

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A Wabash Valley man has created a documentary that focuses on the end of his uncles battle with colon cancer.

Paul Fleschner moved back to Indiana to be with his uncle during his last days alive.

The documentary was shot completely here in Terre Haute in 2007. Fleschner said that it was an experience like any other.

“It was more than your typical bonding experience,” Fleschner said. “We were moving towards this destination together, which I knew he was going to move past without me, and it’s like I escorted him to this, you could say, threshold of stillness and captured all of that process on film.”

The final shots of the documentary were in the last few days of his uncles life.

You can help Fleschner fund this program by going to the website.

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