Beware of phone scammers

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – With the growth in technology comes the growth in ways that scammers can attack. Scammers can attack through phone calls and emails.

The messages come off looking and sounding official, saying that you’re in violation of state laws and that you owe money.

Vigo County Chief Deputy Clark Cottom says that you need to really protect yourself and realize what’s happening.

“If you receive a phone call and are kind of skeptical of them, get a callback number,” Cottom said. “You can call your local police department and we can check that out and make sure that it does belong to the agency that said they called you.”

Scammers have conned people into thinking they’re the energy company or even the IRS.

IRS officials say that that’s not how they operate and that any messages asking you to pay any kind of money should raise red flags.

So, what if it happens to you? What do you do?

“The best thing we can do is protect our own selves, and educate ourselves to what’s going on,” Cottom said. “And report it to the police. Check it out before you write that check.”

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