Break-ins down for the year but up for the season

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – As we wrap up the summer season, the Terre Haute Police Department is seeing an increase in crime.

Just last week, News 10 aired a story on News 10 First at Five about a recent string of break-ins on North 16th Street in Terre Haute.

Neighbors in that area recovered surveillance video showing a young man breaking into a local daycare.

News 10 spoke with Terre Haute Detective John Vandevender, who says he crunched some numbers and despite the recent break-ins, he’s happy with what he found.

“Even though burglaries are up for the season, they’re actually down for the year. We ran the numbers this morning and as of this morning, we have 394 burglaries from the first of this year.”

Detective Vandevender says, this time last year the Terre Haute Police Department had 464 burglaries, meaning they’re down 70 burglaries from last year.

Another important note that police say homeowners need to know is a lot of the times they know the person who burglarized their home. Also, officials recommend you take photos of all serial numbers on your electronics in a situation anything is stolen.

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