Local festival spotlights area musicians

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – “It’s local Musicians, with a local charity, bringing in local people.” Matthew James Westerfield of the Wabash Valley Musicians group said.

The Valley United Music Festival is in its second year, this year raising money for a good cause. They hope not to just raise money for a cure for cancer, but to also showcase some of the great local talent in the Valley.

“We like to bring in a lot of our artists, which is an un tapped resource in Vigo County. There is a lot of great talented artists here. These are artists that are writing their own music, producing their own music, and recording their own music” Westerfield said.

These talented artists include some that you may remember from “In the Spotlight.” Such as Chinese Jailbreak on Friday night. And The Nerve and Papa J. Otis on Saturday night.

It’s a local music festival, giving local musicians a chance to play.

“It’s very nice to have something that’s a lot of work put into it. Behind us and behind the local music scene” Jon Francis of The Hanis Project said.

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