Mixing education and technology

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Changes in education are always happening.

From new standards, to new curriculum, to teaching students new information, teachers are on top of it making sure kids are getting what they need.

Charter schools and online schools are becoming a more popular form of education.

Indiana State University Associate Professor Larry Tinnerman says while it might be the up and coming trend, it might not always be the best option.

“Online education can give great opportunities to students to explore, to go beyond the classroom, to interact, but there is also the danger that online education can become isolating, and separating, and not allowing students, the students just do the minimum to pass the course,” Tinnerman said.

Tinnerman says that one of the best options for an online education is what we’re seeing in Dugger. A hybrid-style education process that includes online learning and in class learning.

“We have the best of all worlds,” said Don Williams, CEO Indiana Cyber Charter School. “We have the curriculum delivered via tech so students would receive a tech package, lap top included, textbook workbooks, all materials they need, but it’s done from a brick and mortar setting.”

While moving to schooling online, Tinnerman says that there’s the risk of kids not really seeing and retaining the information that’s important.

Seeing words isn’t always as effective as conversation.

“Learning doesn’t take through the head, doesn’t occur through the head, it occurs through the hear,” Tinnerman said. “If I can’t convince you of what I’m going to tell you is important to you, that you will value this, it will never get to your head, it will get rejected.”

Tinnerman says that with the pros and cons, we’ll have to see how it all changes the the education process.

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