Trainer and doctor save a life before high school volleyball game

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – It’s just before a regular Tuesday night volleyball match at Northview High School and athletic trainer Nicole Gonzales is called in a panic to the court.

“The patient was down in the bleachers. I got to her and she was non-responsive so we carried her down to the gym floor and I did the sternal rub and nothing. So, I told my volleyball coach to get the AED and my athletic director to get Doctor Watters who was back here and he came out and couldn’t find a pulse so he immediately started chest compressions,” Gonzales said.

Together, they continued for about five rounds of CPR. That’s about three to five very long minutes. It’s what they’re both trained to do but it was the first time Gonzales actually had to put life saving skills to the test,

“It’s definitely surreal I mean you saved someone’s life. I mean, just knowing that she’s alive because you were able to do what you were trained to do,” she said.

She was supposed to be on the soccer field but due to the opposing team’s late arrival she happened to be nearby.

Along with Doctor Watters who says it was his very first night working at the school. He says this shows just how important it is to have athletic trainers at sporting events. And both agree on the importance of the defibrillator.

“It’s super important to have AEDs at athletic events, public places, because this can happen to anyone from a teenager to an adult in the stands which is what happened last night. You have it right there and you can slap it on them and it’s there to assist you to save their life,” Gonzales said.

After she was revived, the woman was taken to the hospital conscious and alert. Her name and condition are not being shared due to the privacy of the family.


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