EAB treatments finished for this year only

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department’s Adam Grossman treated his last ash tree, fighting the pesky emerald ash borer.

At least he’s finished for this year.

This comes after a three-month process, almost 150 trunks and quite a bit of cash.

“Just this year for Fowler Park, it was $5,040. For chemicals, $700, then equipment, and little nickel and dime stuff along the way,” said Adam Grossman, assistant superintendent for Vigo County Parks.

All for one little bug.

Next year, the treatment starts at Prairie Creek and Hawthorn parks. But those two won’t hit their pocketbook quite as badly, with only an average of 60 trees to hit.

But then, 2016 comes around.

“But when we go back to Fowler Park the next year, it’ll be another $5,000. So, quite the investment financially, a financial investment in our parks,” said Grossman.

Hitting the parks department in a way they didn’t expect, but now they have a plan in place.

“Our budget, we’ve set it up for about a 12-year cycle. That’s how we anticipate treatment, for twelve years. Let the infestation come through and retreat,” said Grossman.

Preserving our trees and waiting for that dinky demolitionist to move on.

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