Community reacts to Flat Rock homicide investigation

Death investigation near Flat Rock

FLAT ROCK, Ill. (WTHI) – Two major developments were unveiled Friday involving a ‘suspicious death investigation’ in Crawford County, Illinois. The Illinois State Attorney’s Office in Crawford County released the name of a man, officials believed, was killed in a Wednesday evening incident. The office identified the victim as Norman England, 74, of Freelandville, Ind., and ruled his death as a homicide.

The people of Flat Rock were abuzz about the incident after learning of it Thursday, and it appeared to be the talk of the town at Flat Rock’s main stop, Maxwell House. Reverend Christopher Quick, who tends to a congregation at United Methodist Church in Flat Rock, called the incident a tragedy.

“They don’t expect something so horrendous to happen in their community and it shakes them,” said Quick. The more than century old United Methodist Church welcomes around 55 worshipers on Sunday, Quick noted, the England family was not part of his congregation.

Crawford County Dispatch confirmed to News 10 Thursday that a burglary report was filed Aug. 20, at the England home. It was also learned that the England family had relocated to Florida and that Norman England may have been tending to the home. Investigators remained tight lipped through the course of the investigation Friday, several requests for on-camera interviews were declined.

“Our prayers go out to them and their family it is a horrendous crime,” said Quick, “Sometimes we never know when we leave the house in the morning if we are going to return. We’re only given this day, we’re only promised the day that we get up and get out of bed, we’re not promised tomorrow.”

The England home, which is located along Route 1 north of Flat Rock, was again a site of police activity Friday. At least four Crawford County Sheriff’s vehicles, and an Illinois State Police Crime Scene vehicle was on scene. Investigators had not released a description of a possible suspect in the case.

“They are loved, they are surrounded by a community that has love for them and they are surrounded by God’s love,” said Quick.

In the act of full disclosure, Reverend Christopher Quick also serves as the Illinois State’s Attorney for Lawrence County. Quick explained to News 10, he heard of the incident, but was not at liberty to discuss the pending investigation; his office was not directly related to on-goings proceedings for the Crawford County case.

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