N.H. girls survive car run-in with just bumps and bruises

NASHUA, N.H. (CNN/WBZ) — A mother is relieved her two daughters were able to walk away with just bumps and bruises after they were mowed down by a car. School surveillance video captured the frightening incident outside the children’s Nashua, N.H., school.

School surveillance video captures the impact. A mom and her two children hit by a car.

“All of a sudden, I felt the car, looked down, and all I seen was my daughter’s hoodie and some of my daughter’s hair, and just started screaming, ‘My kids! My kids!’ I was scared to death,” said mother Melissa Federico.

Like she does every morning, Federico was just walking her girls to school.

“One of my child was under the car, and my other daughter was pushed out of sight. I could not find her,” said Federico.

One daughter ended up under the car. Federico and another parent pulled her out but couldn’t find her other child at first. She’d been thrown into some bushes.

Then, she suddenly appeared. Miraculously, both children had just bumps and bruises.

“Inches worse. My daughter did tell me she did feel the tire of the car. It could have been so much worse,” said Federico.

Federico is grateful to all the staff and parents.

“They were right there to help,” said Federico. “I had several teachers come out and hug my children, especially their teachers.”

She’s seen the video of those terrifying moments and says the emotional wounds will be harder to recover from than the physical.

“Seeing it brings me to tears,” said Federico. “They’re my babies. They’re my life, I wouldn’t know what to do if anything was to happen to them.”

Nashua police say the driver behind the wheel may have been distracted by children in her own car, or she may have had issues with her brakes. So far, she is not facing any charges.

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