Construction continues at Clark’s Crossing

VINCENNES, Ind. (WTHI) – Construction crews are working at a lightning pace to finish work at the future site of Clark’s Crossing, a senior living facility, on 6th Street in Vincennes. The residential living portion of the project is set for completion January 1, 2015.

“We’re taking two dilapidated buildings and reconfiguring those.”

When finished Clark’s Crossing will house 47 unique apartments. Andy Myszak, President of Myszak of Palmer Architecture and Development, stated the project has been a large scale undertaking. The agency took on three buildings, Adams Coliseum, the old Clark Middle School, and the old Vincennes Lincoln High School. Crews demolished the old Lincoln Building to make way for parking and a park.

“The building was in poor shape when we acquired it, the roof was leaking, windows needed repaired, there were several items inside that needed to be fixed, so we basically started from scratch,” said Myszak, discussing the overhaul of the old Clark Building.
Inside the building Monday, crews were painting drywall, laying carpet and tiles, and installing counter tops and appliances. For some people, coming back to the old Clark Middle School was like a trip down memory lane. Architects explained several interested tenants had fond memories from the building.“Several people have gone to school and they’ll say that used to be my old classroom, that was my homeroom,” said Myszak.
Aside from updating an otherwise aging area of 6th street, the project will also bring at least 47 new faces two blocks from downtown Vincennes.
“We’ve heard nothing but positive comments from all the surrounding neighbors,” he added, “We tore down the old high school and we’re going to turn that area, that block into a parking lot and green space.”
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