Victim of alleged crime speaks out in support of new jail

dumpster fire

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – It was late April in a quiet, secluded neighborhood when the Roshel family would fall victim to a random crime. “My wife drives to the back of our house, and there are three fires in my backyard,” said John Roshel.

An unknown woman had pulled into the driveway of their south-side home. There she lit their batting cage, water hose, and trash bin on fire before driving away.

“Well my first concern is that she is going to come back to my house and do the same thing,” said Roshel.

The woman is believed to be repeat offender Diana Glaspie. She is accused of setting fire to a dumpster behind the Fraternal Order of Eagles building on 9th and Swan Streets in Terre Haute.

After setting that fire, she allegedly went to the Dollar General on Poplar and set fire to another dumpster near that building as well.

Glaspie was recently arrested on two level six arson felonies.

“I knew immediately who it was. It was the same woman who was at our house and exactly the same crime,” said Roshel.

He has received many victim notices as Glaspie has been in and out of jail. She is often released due to overcrowding. “There are a lot of dangerous people that are free, because our city officials’ hands are tied, and they just don’t have the facilities to keep them,” said Roshel.

News 10 also sat down with Vigo County Prosecutor Terry Modesitt. He says the only solution is to build a new, bigger jail. “It appears that society and the legislature has decided that we are going to have to lower the bar, because we don’t have room to enforce the laws and that’s a sad situation.”

Roshel doesn’t want to place blame, but he strongly believes public safety is at risk. “And it’s really scary that we have people driving around in our society that really should be behind bars.”

Glaspie remains in the Vigo County Jail on a $25,000 bond without 10-percent.

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