4 years later, Hataway family still searching for answers


OLNEY, Ill. (WTHI) – John Hataway said he and his brother Ed were pretty close.  Now, the only way John sees his brother is through pictures and by visiting Haven Hill Cemetery.  Ed was murdered four years ago, his body found by police in a ditch in rural Lawrence County. According to Hataway and his fiance, not much has happened on the case.

“Where are we at? We’re still where we were at four years ago!” John’s fiance Anita Scott told me. “It hasn’t moved anywhere.  Ed’s dead.  He’s not coming back. Why doesn’t someone help us? All we’re wanting is help, and it seems we can’t get the help.”

John believes someone in the small town of Olney knows what happened to his brother. They’re to the point of begging anyone with information to come forward.

Ed was last seen at the Knights of Columbus hall in Olney on September 15, 2012. Ed had plans to meet his landlord in the morning, but he never showed up. Meanwhile, John hasn’t heard from Illinois State Police in two years, and state police also turned down their Freedom of Information Act requests.

“Help us move forward and find an answer,” Anita said. “Get us to the right person and get an answer.”

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