Wingy Dingy Thingy brings the best wings all in one place

(WTHI Photo)
(WTHI Photo)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – If you have a spot for chicken wings, hopefully you made it out to the Terre Haute Regional Airport Saturday evening!

More than ten restaurants brought their wings to the table for judging at this year’s Wingy Dingy Thingy.

The competition was tough, so each wing stand tried its hardest to stand out from the rest!

“It’s starting out good, a lot of people coming up to giving good feedback,” said Zach Achenbach, General Manager of Pizza Hut South, “We’ve got multiple flavors, I just hope people will stop by and give us a try and they’ll see what we have.”

The event was put on by Reach Services. Their mission is to improve the life and well-being of low and moderate income individuals with disabilities through advocacy, outreach, service, housing and support.


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