Brazil begins tearing down blighted homes


BRAZIL, Ind. (WTHI) – Little by little a house in Brazil was coming down to the ground.

It’s part of the blight elimination program that’s been in the works for about two years now.

Brazil Mayor Brian Wyndham is glad to see the project moving forward.

“First of all these homes are blighted homes so they’re not habitable, so that’s one issue,” Wyndham said. “And it helps the homes adjacent to them as far as increases their value by not having blighted homes next to you.”

The project is made possible through a grant from the Indiana Housing and Community Development authority.

A house on Knight Street is one of nine homes that is slated for tear down throughout the city.

Brazil Planning Administrator Teresa Glenn says this home is leading the way for the program.

“We’re tearing down the first house all the way to the ground, and then they will sod, seed, do all those things and make sure it’s OK,” Glenn said. “And then we’re moving forward with the next houses later in the week.”

The possibilities of who can buy the lots and what they can become are almost endless.

Glenn says there’s a lot of positive things helping to better the image of Brazil.

“New sidewalks, new streets, properties being, blighted areas being torn down, grass is being mowed, people cleaning up their yards, lots of things are going on.”

And while it’s the end of an era for this house and 9 others, Mayor Wyndham stands strong saying this is only part of a great future for the city.

“Not only the BEP program and the blighted homes, you’re going to see continuing efforts here in the city and we’ve got a lot of people on board with it with these type of projects and you’ll see them continue in the future,” Wyndham said.

The City of Brazil received a grant for more than $200,000.

The other eight homes will be torn down this week if everything went ok with Monday’s demolition.

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