Injured dog unites local athletes, community

Dingo the dog. (Photo Credit: Amber Woodyard)
Dingo the dog. (Photo Credit: Amber Woodyard)

CHRISMAN, Ill. (WTHI) – A tragic accident for an adorable dog turns into a mission.

It’s a mission that one local cross country team takes on.

Amber Woodyard is the Vice President of the Otis Foundation.

It’s an organization that helps pets and their owners in a variety of ways.

She recalls, “I had watched him (the dog) run around town scared that day and I was trying to catch him and I put a post out on Facebook, and asked the coach if any of the kids saw the dog to let me know so I could try to get him to get him to safety. Unfortunately an hour later, he said the kids just watched the dog get hit.”

Kendall Tevebaugh is one of the cross country athletes that found the dog, later named “Dingo.”

Tevebaugh says, “We didn’t know what to do with it. We were kind of standing on the side walk. He had a broken front leg and then his back leg. All of the tendons had detached from the growth plate and we were going to have it remove but then he started walking on it so we kept it on.”

It was first suggested that Dingo be put down, but Woodyard says she couldn’t do that since he didn’t have any internal injuries.

However, veterinary care can get expensive.

Woodyard says, “His total services so far with the surgery he is at $1500, but he still has another surgery to go, so that will go up.”

That’s caused some Chrisman Junior High students and athletes of the cross country team to spring into action.

Sydney Tevebaugh says, “We just decided to do a bake sale because we wanted to help out and raise some money for him because we heard his bill was like really expensive. I was helping like bake a lot and we were up until like 11’o’clock that night baking things.”

Keisha and Darin Tevebaugh set up the tent and tables for the bake sale, and sat outside in the heat at Chrisman Days with the kids. They have loaned Woodyard a crate for Dingo as well as toys.

With the community’s help, the kids were able to raise hundreds of dollars for Dingo’s vet bill.

A selfless act any parent or coach could be proud of.

Andy Ruff is the Chrisman Cross Country Coach.

He says,”They stayed after practice to make sure the dog was alright and got where he needed to be. Everybody pulled together to make sure Dingo had everything he needs and everything he deserves. It really shows the kids that if you step up and take control in any situation, you can make it into a positive.”

Woodyard says, “To see these kids, we didn’t ask them. They just came together and raised all this money. They stepped up and did way more than their part. They’ve all been wonderful.”

Woodyard says that with the OTIS Foundation, she deals with the neglected, abused, and unwanted every day.

She is touched to see all of these kids open their hearts in this way.

Since this has happened, Woodyard says the kids have formed an OTIS Junior Board.

They are going to continue to raise money and help save local animals and strays.

Woodyard says they are a 501 (c) 3, registered as a non-profit organization.

If you are looking to help Dingo, and check on his status you can visit the Facebook page here.

You can give by PayPal to

Lastly, the OTIS Foundation is always in need of pet foster homes, and adoptive pet owners.

To fill out an application, you can visit the OTIS website.

Woodyard says Dingo will likely be available for fostering or adoption once his health is better.

Again, an application has to be filled out with the OTIS Foundation for consideration.

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