Donate now to help Catholic Charities raise funds for ‘Orange Friday’


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The city of Terre Haute is preparing to see orange. We’re talking about ‘Orange Friday.’

‘Orange Friday’ is a way for Terre Haute Catholic Charities to collect funds.

Those funds go to buy things like meat and dairy products that they can’t collect during a food drive.

Jennifer Buell with Catholic Charities says they feed around 32,000 people every year.

“For $3 through Terre Haute Catholic Charities Food Bank, we can feed a family of four for an entire day. Now consider that. What does it cost you just to be able to purchase one meal for yourself?”

Buell says they’ll be selling orange buttons for that $3 cost to help them fundraiser. You can get those at Catholic Charities located at 1801 Poplar Street in Terre Haute.

‘Orange Friday’ is on Nov. 18.

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