Turkey Run boys tennis builds championship team


VEEDERSBURG, Ind. (WTHI) — With the final point in the No. 3 singles match, Turkey Run boys tennis clinched the Wabash River Conference title. It was the Warriors first conference championship in school history, a feat that senior George Munoz never imagined possible.


“I’m so happy that it turned out to be this way,” said Munoz. “I seriously wasn’t expecting this much success as a senior. But our record is 15-2 and that’s amazing.”


“It’s a great feeling,” added senior Brock Mitchell. “It gives me the chills just thinking about it. Starting freshman year I didn’t think we could do it.”


That lack of confidence stems from a tough history of tennis at Turkey Run High School. The Warriors had a seven-year span without a single win.


In 2012, there wasn’t even a boys’ tennis team at the school due to lack of interest. It took Munoz and Mitchell to bring it back.


“I’ve really liked tennis since I was little,” Munoz said. “I kind of got some of my friends convinced to play. We just got together a team and we knew it’d be a struggle at first.”


“We decided to play, all of us seniors,” Mitchell said. “We didn’t do so good freshman year.”


That first year as a team, the Warriors won just three matches all season. Since then, the group has worked it way up to 15 wins and a conference title. Coach Annette Munoz, George’s mother, wasn’t always sure they’d get to this point..


“They had to show that they wanted it and they did,” Coach Munoz said. “Really, I guess maybe not years ago. It was a little scary freshman year. But to take off from last year and to develop even further, I knew they had it.”


The founding members of this team will graduate after the season. A trophy and picture will commemorate their win. But Coach Munoz hopes the team will remember the lessons they learned along the way; working hard to become champions from nothing.


“I’d never seen such heart in the boys,” said Annette Munoz. “I hope that they take that into their future, into their college, into their life. And they get to be the young men I know that they can be.”

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