“Why not do more.” Interesting donor steps up to help Clay County Humane Society


CLAY COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Summer is quickly coming to a close, but the busy season at one Wabash Valley animal shelter isn’t expected to end anytime soon.

“Most of the summer we’ve had close to 100 animals in the facility, and that’s a lot to clean and take care of every day,” said Andrea Phillips, Manager at the Clay County Humane Society.

It takes $180,000 a year to operate the shelter. With more going out than coming in, they are forced to work on a tight budget. “We need the support from the community. We need volunteers to make this place run,” said Phillips.

Help is coming from an interesting place. This as Chief Terry Skaggs with the Clay City Police Department thought of a unique way to give back.

“Whether it’s a very serious situation with an aggressive dog or sometimes it’s just a dog running around the neighborhood causing problems, they are always there for us,” said Skaggs.

To return the favor, additional funds will be offered up from the department’s deferral fees. “When we write tickets people have the option instead of paying through the state they can pay through a deferral, and that money comes back into law enforcement,” explained Skaggs.

With $1,000 to spare he thought, why not share the love with those who love unconditionally. “We thought why not do more, so that’s what we did, and hopefully will continue to do,” said Skaggs.

“It’s nice to feel the love and have them supporting us. It’s great to have that,” added Phillips.

The shelter is still in desperate need of donations and volunteers. To find out how you can help call the Clay County Humane Society at (812) 446-5126.

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