Daniel Messel receives 80 years for the murder of Hannah Wilson


NASHVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – A man found guilty of killing an Indiana University student has been sentenced.

Daniel Messel was convicted last month for the murder of Hannah Wilson. On Thursday, he received a 80 year sentence for Wilson’s murder.

He received 60 years for her murder and another 20 for being a habitual offender.

He plans to appeal the sentencing.

Wilson’s beaten body was found in April in 2015 in a vacant lot about 10 miles away from IU’s campus.

Prosecutors told the Brown County jury that Wilson’s blood was on Messel’s car and clothes and his cellphone was found under her body. The defense maintained Messel didn’t commit the attack and that police didn’t fully investigate the case.

Wilson, just two weeks away from graduation, died from blunt force trauma after being struck in the head multiple times. Messel’s cell phone was found by Wilson’s body.

Messel was charged just days after Wilson’s body was found.

Messel was also found guilty of being a habitual offender, adding time to his sentence.

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