Report It Wrap: Pillars from Terre Haute House re-purposed at LaVern Gibson Championship XC Course


VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – So, we have talked about the history of the Terre Haute House and we have talked about the bar that was repurposed from the Marine Room Lounge.

Now, let’s talk about how several very large pieces of the Terre Haute house ended up in eastern Vigo County at the LaVern Gibson Cross County Couse?

“The Hulman family had built this beautiful hotel in the middle of our community and as part of the grandeur of that hotel, these pillars were a part of the exterior look,” explained David Patterson, executive director of the Terre Haute Convention and Visitors Bureau.

As you know, the Terre Haute House was torn down in 2005 after standing empty for year. In its place now stands another hotel. But, as you can see by looking at the building at 7th and Wabash in downtown Terre Haute, there was just no way to incorporate the pillars.

But, where on earth did they keep very large pillars for all these years?

“Well, they were in a local construction company’s barn for years, taking up that space and yet they were safe and secure and that’s the reason they look so good today,” Patterson explained.

So now, an iconic piece of downtown Terre Haute history is being repurposed in a large scale way.

“To be able to stand on top of an award stand like this is going to be phenomenal,” NCAA Championship Meet Director, Jeff Martin, described.

That’s right – athletes from right here in the Wabash Valley and even athletes from all across the country will be standing in front of these historical pillars receiving their medals.

And, this new awards stand will allow everyone to participate in the special moment.

“When we would host the awards ceremonies people would have to travel across the course. It is not a handicap compliant and so anybody that had any wheelchairs or crutches, things like that – it was very difficult for them to move over,” Martin continued.

Taking a piece of Terre Haute’s history and giving it a future.

“It’s going to be our job to kind of educate the fans and the student athletes about the history of this new awards stand,” he continued. “And then for them to be able to receive their prestigious award, whether it’s a state championship or a national championship – for them to stand up there is going to be phenomenal, it’s going to make a great backdrop.”

One very cool feature they are discussing would be to engrave the names of award winners into the stand in some way.

They are not done with the construction on the stand yet, but if you want to check it out, click this link to see a complete schedule of events at the LaVern Gibson Cross County course.

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