Review: iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – I’ve had my iPhone 7 Plus for about a week now, so I think it’s time to write a little something about what I think.

I upgraded to this from an iPhone 6.

When I bought my iPhone 6 a couple years ago, really my only regret was I didn’t get the 6 Plus. This year…I went with the Plus.

The screen size difference is kind of jarring at first…not in a bad way…but in a whoah kind of way. There’s a lot to look at and a lot to hold.

The questions everyone has…what’s it like? What’s new? Do you hate it because it doesn’t have a headphone jack?

So let’s knock a few of those answers out.

Looking at the phone, unless you know what you’re looking for it will looking pretty much the same. The main difference people will notice, just by looking, is the camera.

The 7 Plus has a dual lens camera. That means there are two camera lenses. There will be some sweet effects you can do…later. The bokeh effect looks to be the main thing coming.

Truthfully, I’ve never heard the proper name for this type of photo before the iPhone 7 Plus announcement. I think most of us have seen them, though. The two lenses will put the person you want in the photo IN focus and make everything in the background OUT of focus. It should look pretty cool.

Right now, however, what you’ll notice is one lens is a telephoto lens. On your camera screen, you’ll notice a “1x” and “2x.” This all has to do with the zoom. Hit the “2x” and your phone will zoom by, well, two times. This doesn’t use a digital zoom like most

The top half of this photo is with the 1X, the bottom half of the photo is the 2X with the second lens
The top half of this photo is with the 1X, the bottom half of the photo is the 2X with the second lens

cell phone cameras. The translation is, your zoomed photos will look better.

Speaking of the camera, how does it look? Well…in a word, awesome. The camera for the 7 Plus really shines in low-light. I’ve noticed after taking some photos, the camera actually handled low lighting better than my own eyes.

Shooting in low-light has always been a weakness in cell phones. This year’s iPhone makes a big jump getting rid of that weakness.

The home button has changed this year too…and wow, it took me a couple of days to get used to it.

The home button on the older iPhones clicked. You would press it and it would click back up at you. You would know you pressed it. This year, that button doesn’t move.

It does, however, give you feedback. “Taptic Feedback” is what Apple calls it. You’ll feel your phone vibrate back at you when you press in. Like I said, it takes a little getting used to…but once you do, you won’t even really notice it.

Now, the elephant in the room…that headphone jack.

I want to point a couple of things out first, while Apple is the most visible company to do this…it’s not the first. I just reviewed a phone from Moto. It didn’t have a headphone jack.

With that said, it is hard at first. If you want the best experience, it will require you to spend a little money on Bluetooth headphones. In my personal feeling, the fewer wires the better. I’ve been using Bluetooth for a while throughout the day, and then wired headphones at home, or if I’m laying in bed watching videos trying not to wake my wife up.

You can still use those wired headphones, though. There is a tiny little, very lose-able adaptor. Yes, you will lose it. It will cost you about $10 to get a new one. The phone also ships with Apple’s EarPod headphones, with a Lightning Port end.

The other, very expensive option will be Apple’s AirPods. I haven’t used them to get a fair assessment. The idea here is there are two, very tiny…but very smart ear buds. According to Apple, the Air Pods will be able to tell when you have one in just one ear…moving both channels of sound over.

Again, I haven’t checked these out, so I don’t want to talk too much about them. They will, however, cost you $170. Ouch.

This will be what stops many people from picking this phone up. To that I say, it’s, of course, your preference. I will also add, this will be happening to pretty much every phone within five years.

A couple people in our newsroom, in fact, are ready to upgrade…but are considering the 6S or 6S Plus because of the headphone jack.

Apple has set the standard for killing off ports and drives, with most other companies following suit.

Remember the floppy disk? Firewire? The CD drive? Now, Apple is in the process of killing USB and the headphone port.

Getting rid of the headphone port allowed Apple to add stereo sound, dual speakers. It’s a nice addition!

Now, is this phone waterproof? Water resistant? Can you go swimming with it?

No, yes, no.

The rating Apple gives the iPhone allows you to dip your phone in one meter (about three feet) of water for about 30 minutes.

Here’s what that means for you and I. If you drop your phone in the sink while doing dishes, or in the bathtub, you’ll be fine. Pull the phone out and go about your day.

You’ll also be fine if you get caught in a rainstorm.

What you shouldn’ do, though. Don’t take it swimming. Don’t use it like a waterproof GoPro.

It important to note, Apple will not cover your broken phone for water damage.

It also important to note, a lot of people on YouTube and put these phones to the test when it comes to water. One video, the guy dunked it down to 35 feet in a river and it came out just fine.

Do that at your iPhones own risk.

This year, you will be able to pick up a black or jet black iPhone.

I bought the black. I wanted a jet black, along with everyone else I think, because there was a lot of wait time on it.

Before you go with the super glossy, very pretty looking jet black, just know this phone will scuff and scratch like crazy. Apple even has a warning on their website before you order.

This phone feels like the transition. We are seeing the iPhone end one era and get ready to enter the new era.

I truly feel like they killed the headphone jack this year, so it won’t overshadow whatever Apple releases next year. It’s a trade-off.

So should you upgrade? It depends on what you have now I think. If you have a 6S or 6S Plus…I would say negative. You are missing out on a little bit of a camera bump and the headphone jack change.

If you have a 6 or older…go for it! I don’t think you can go wrong here.

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